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Iranian consumers have started using Compact Fluorescent Lamps(CFL) as an efficient lighting product to save energy in the past 10 years. CFL soon spread across the country. But, there always have been doubts and concerns about them such as, UV emission, fragile structure and existence of Mercury. These issues have motivated us to work on a reliable replacement for CFL.
Radviranoor Industrial Production Company was established in 2014 to develop reliable and safe lighting products for Iranian consumer. Our mission is to work on energy efficiency as well as environmental protection by focusing on developments of LED products in lighting industry. Our products are presented to Iran market by  Mitreh LED  as a brand name which stands for the source of energy (The Sun). the mixture of dark blue and yellow colors of packaging come from the integration of blue sky and sun shine.
LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. LED technology is third generation in lighting industry after incandescent light bulbs and CFL. They are up to 80 % more efficient and have longer lifespan than previous generations. LED lamps convert 95 % of energy into light and just 5 % wastes as heat.
Mitreh products are designed and manufactured at the highest quality level to match Iranian customer needs. We are carefully investigating the market requirements as well as the latest technology and trend, to meet and even exceed our consumer expectations.